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We host a number of in person personal development, mindfulness /meditation and spiritual awareness classes. Meditation is a great activity for bringing your mind and body into harmony with one another, keeping you calm and centered. The mind and body are often seen as separate entities, but they’re definitely intertwined and it’s impossible to separate the functions of one from the other. For example, if you’ve ever been anxious or nervous, you know how that feels in your mind, your thoughts race and you might even become irrational. At the same time, the nervousness has a profound effect on your body, your heart pumps blood faster and your muscles tighten. It allows you to become centered on your breath so that you can breathe deeply and relax, helping both body and mind.

Spiritual development is really about relaxing, switching off your conscious mind and listening to your inner voice and there are many different techniques available to us in order to achieve this. We are all born with intuition and psychic abilities but we are all at different levels and although we all have the same abilities, some of us are slightly more advanced than others. By focusing on our ability and training it we can develop psychic and spiritual awareness. 

*Due to current Government guidelines and Covid-19 restrictions all in person group class timetables are suspended until the Spring 2021.

Reiki Share

Our Reiki Share offers attendees attuned to Reiki the opportunity to practice original Reiki techniques, give and receive group Reiki.


Sound Bath Meditation

Our Sound Bath Meditation class helps to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and a deep, restful sleep.


Angel Meditation

Our Angel Meditation class offers the opportunity to work with Angels to attract joy and abundance in a focused, guided meditation.


Crystal Skull Meditation Class

Our Crystal Skull Meditation class offers participants the opportunity to learn about and work with crystal skull energies enabling them to share knowledge, wisdom and healing.


Spiritual Development Class

Our Spiritual Development class enables you to connect to your inner guides bringing clarity, empowerment, life changes and self-discovery using meditation and awareness techniques.


Angelic Wisdom Class

Our Angelic Wisdom class is a journey of self discovery, healing and spiritual development using Angel Oracle Cards, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Meditation.


The Benefits

Our mindfulness and meditation classes and courses are guaranteed to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and a deep, restful sleep.

Our spiritual awareness and development classes and courses cover all aspects of spiritual awareness and development. 

Whether your own ‘intuitive switch’ or spiritual awareness is set to on or off they will help you discover and develop your natural abilities in a safe environment, leading you through a wide variety of meditation, awareness techniques, exercises and discussion.



We will be offering a wide range of online personal development, mindfulness / meditation and spiritual awareness multimedia courses which will be available to purchase in our special Member Vault launching on Monday the 4th January 2021.

Emotional Mastery eCourse
Mindful Meditation Mastery Course
Happiness Starts With You Course

VIP Membership & Course Bundles

VIP Membership

Launching soon our Monthly VIP Membership includes access to a wide range of personal development and spiritual awareness tools, mini courses, meditations, inspirational and motivational messages, a Remote Aura / Chakra Scan & Healing and much more.


Course Bundles

Launching soon our Course Bundles offer excellent value for money, enabling you to gain access to all the available resources for your chosen topic, aiding your personal and spiritual development and contributing to your overall holistic health and well-being.



What They Say

Sharon Hall

“Wonderful sound bath as usual. Thank you so much it is very much appreciated.💙”

Jennifer Duckworth

” Excellent Reiki Share. Much needed healing received. Thank you.”

Kara Lowe

“Thank you for an enjoyable experience, love light & healing 🙏”

Lisa Keogh

“I recently went to the Sound Bath Meditation session and was greeted by Joanne on arrival. The room that we were in was perfect. There was plenty of space for the participants. A comfy chair, cushions and a blanket were provided. The lights were dimmed and the atmosphere in the centre and our room was really calm and pleasant. I was made to feel very welcome even though I’d not been before. The session was delivered by Joanne and her high level of skill in using the sound bowls and instruments was evident as by the end I had experienced an intense period of meditation and relaxation. A drink of water was provided afterwards and plenty of time for reflection at the end. Thanks to The Full Spectrum Centre for what was the first of many sessions for me. Highly recommended.”

Liz Williams

“Another great night at The Full Spectrum Centre meditating with Crystal skulls.”

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