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“Ear Candling provides energetic, psychological, emotional, and physical benefits.”

Do you suffer from hay fever, allergies, sinus congestion, excessive earwax, headaches and migraines, recurring cold and flu type symptoms or are you a frequent flyer?

Here in the UK there has been a rise in ear, nose, throat, and lung complications amongst the population, due in part to rising air pollution and poor air quality as well as a change in traditional weather patterns and seasons.

Cases of hay fever, asthma and eczema have been on the rise for nearly four decades, in fact back on 2011, according to the charity Allergy UK as many as one in three people weree thought to be affected by an allergy at some point in their lives. Not only can allergies negatively impact physical health but also mental health.

What if there was a simple, drug and side effect free therapy that helps with the symptoms of many conditions and greatly improves your overall wellbeing?

There is! It’s called Ear Candling


Get relief from a number of ear, nose and throat-related disorders including earaches, sore throats, snoring, sinus congestion and pain or pressure when flying.

Ear Candling or Thermal Auricular Therapy as it is also known, is a relaxing treatment where the client lays still in a comfortable position whilst an ear candle is gently inserted into their ear. When lit, the ear candles have a slight sucking action often referred to as the 'chimney principle' or effect, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. The rising air inside the ear sets up a vibration which gently massages the eardrum. This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses.

The effect is often described directly after the treatment as a soothing, pressure and pain relieving sensation, mainly in the ears and head, with improved hearing. The flow of air within the ear candle creates a circulation of concentrated vapour and the locally applied warmth stimulates the circulatory system to the ear, bringing everything needed for increased repair and regeneration, assisting the immune system and reinforcing the flow of lymph. In addition important acupuncture and reflex areas are stimulated, soothing, calming and protecting irritated areas.

From common ear, nose and throat ailments like hay fever, headaches, colds and sinus congestion, ear candling can offer benefits. And, in addition, ear candling is an effective spiritual or energetic cleansing and balancing measure that will boost the overall health and wellness of your mind, body, and spirit.

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    Ear Candling: is very soothing and relaxing.
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    Ear Candling: can bring about clearer breathing through the nose.
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    Ear Candling: Rebalances the energy flow of the body and releases energy.
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Schedule some 'me' time and put yourself first so that you can become more relaxed, fitter and healthier, enabling you to continue looking after everyone else. 

Not only will you become more relaxed, less stressed and happier, ear candling will greatly support the overall wellness of your mind, body and spirit. 

Rooted In Ancient History

Ear candles are an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations. They were used as far afield as Asia, the Siberian prairies and, most notably, native America. It is popular opinion that ear candling originated with the ancient Egyptians and then spread through the Orient and then into Europe.

However some people believe that ear candles originated in the mythical ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis and that knowledge of them spread worldwide before these civilizations were engulfed in a cataclysmic disaster.

It is believed that the Romans and Ancient Greeks used ear candles, initially probably for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual basis, but much later on a purely physical basis.

Isn't it amazing, to think that many ancient cultures that have survived to the modern day have used heat for healing?! In Mexico stories are told of cones of paper being lit and whilst smouldering placed against the ear so that smoke can enter the outer ear canal so causing a healing process.

On the Indian sub-continent there is a tradition of ear cleansing from an early age with oils and wax removing sticks and smoke is blown into the ear canal to facilitate healing. In Japan there are stories of ear canal cleaning booths by the roadside.

Clears the mind

Cleanses the emotions

Improves circulation

Ben​​​​efits of Ear Candling & What to Expect

Ear candling helps to remove ear wax or mucus in the sinuses through the sound frequency vibration. The sound of the flame creates a vibration that travels through the ear candle penetrating the eardrum which in turn vibrates the inner ear bones at such a frequency it is like an inner ear massage. This then pushes further into the eustachian tubes and the sinuses helping to eliminate any blocked pressure.

The heat from the ear candles and the vibration help to soften and break up any excessive ear wax or mucus and once broken down the body then finds it easier to flush the waste through the lymphatic system. Ear Candling is therefore detoxifying, and is still working in the body up to 48 hours after the session. There is also the added benefit of herbal essences within the ear candle transferring through the skin and into the blood stream aiding relaxation and bringing a feeling of calm to the body and mind.

From an esoteric or energetic point of view, the cleansing flame carries away negative vibrations and harmonises the human energy field.

During the treatment each ear will be treated followed by a holistic facial massage to aid drainage of the sinuses and lymphatic system, ending with Reiki to relax and rechange the body and mind.

See what our clients have to say:

"Welcome relief..."

"I suffer with sinus problems and migraines and my regular ear candling sessions are a welcome relief. I can breathe easier, my head is clearer and my sinuses are less painful as a result"



Ear Candling Client

"Very relaxing session..."

"I went to Joanne tonight for ear candling to help stop me getting colds, thanks Joanne for a very relaxing session x"



Ear Candling Client

Do Not Neglect Yourself, Get Started Today!

Not only will you feel fantastic but ear candling can really help with the symptoms associated with various ear, nose and throat conditions you might have. 

At the very least, ear candling will greatly support the overall wellness of your mind, body and spirit. 

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"Immediate relief..."

"During the Spring and Summer months I used to suffer with severe hay fever symptoms but after finding out about the benefits of ear candling and booking my initial treatment session I found immediate relief"



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Make Ear Candling a Part of Your Regular Health and Wellness Routine!

Our Ear Candling sessions help clients manage common ear, nose and throat conditions, hay fever symtoms and help frequent flyers manage reduce painful popping ears associated with changes in cabin pressure.

You now have the opportunity to experience ear candling and see how it can benefit your health for yourself.

Ear Candling provides relaxation in conditions of anxiety and stres, increases alertness and concentration, encourages a feeling of balance, cleanses the aura, opens the spirit, cleanses the emotions, rebalances the energy flow of the body and releases energy.

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