Without self care, you’re likely to end up feeling stressed, tired, and generally unhappy. Watch out for these signs that suggest you need more self care in your life:


  • You’ll feel stressed and exhausted – When you aren’t taking care of yourself, you’ll often feel stressed and exhausted. This in turn can lead to burnout and a feeling of resentment. For example, it could be that you are exhausted from taking care of everyone else’s needs. Over time, if you don’t factor in self care, you could end up resenting your loved ones. When you are constantly exhausted and stressed out, it’s impossible to maintain a positive outlook. Self care helps to combat stress and it also boosts your energy levels.
  • Personal hygiene suffers – A side effect of not following a self care routine, is that your personal hygiene could suffer. This is especially true for those experiencing depression. When you are depressed or low, self care is the last thing on your mind. In severe cases, you could spend days in bed, failing to do even basic self care tasks such as taking a shower or brushing your teeth. The trouble is, failing to take care of yourself leads you to feel even worse. So, maintaining self care is crucial for your mental health and personal hygiene.
  • You’ll seek unhealthy enjoyment – Another thing that tends to happen when you lack self care, is you’ll seek unhealthy enjoyment. It could be overindulging in junk food because it makes you feel better. Or you could turn to alcohol or drugs to escape. When you start turning to unhealthy habits for comfort, it’s going to lead to additional issues. You’ll also feel unhappier, particularly if you drink in excess. Alcohol is a depressant which can leave you feeling a lot worse than you started.
  • Weight gain – Many people who don’t take care of themselves, experience some level of weight gain. The more weight you gain, the unhappier you are going to be. It can be difficult to lose weight, so focus on self care to help you to avoid this potential challenge.
  • You never feel good enough – Self care is something you do because you are worth it. Therefore, if you fail to take care of yourself, you can end up feeling like you are never good enough. As you are constantly tired and juggling life’s responsibilities, you may feel like you are a failure, or you simply don’t measure up to others.

These are just some of the things that can happen when you don’t follow a self care routine. The effects can be severe, causing you to lead an unhappy and unfulfilled life. So, if you’re looking to lead a happier life, now is the time to start focusing on your needs and making self-care a priority.


Self Care Thoughts

One of my lovely clients gifted me this beautiful little bag of wooden Self Care Thoughts for Christmas, thank you Jane. Each day I put my hand in the bag and pull out one of the wooden self care thoughts discs which has a self care thought etched into it. How cool is that? It’s a great self care tool, reminding me to take care of me in and amongst all the chaos and stress.

This morning out popped “I believe in me”! Self belief is vital and determines how successful you are likely to be in all areas of your life, personal and professional. If you don’t believe in yourself it will hold you back, you will miss opportunities and can lead to anxiety.

Have you caught yourself thinking “I can’t do this”, “There are other people much better and smarter than me”, “But what will other people think if I say/do this?”, “I couldn’t possibly risk failing” or “Success and the good things in life are for others not for the likes of me”?

If you answered yes to any of those statements then it’s time to start believing in yourself! Start with the simple positive affirmation on this Self Care Thought disc, “I believe in me”, repeating it over and over to yourself. Try speaking it aloud to yourself in a mirror! Affirmations are powerful tools for self growth, stress management and self care and they are even more powerful when practised on a regular basis.

Another thing you can do is stop with the negative self talk and in turn the negative self belief. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with you or what you can’t do focus on what’s right with you or what you can do. A great exercise to help with this is to write down all the qualities a superhero would need such as strength, determination, bravery. Focus on the words themselves and do this exercise daily, reflecting upon what each word means to you so that you prime your unconscious mind to think more positively. Flip that negative thought or belief into a positive one. It’s all about mindset and positivity.

What would you say to a friend or loved one who was doubting themselves and had very little self belief. You wouldn’t agree with them and encourage them to carry on thinking that way would you? So why do that to yourself. Become your own cheerleader, motivational and confidence coach.

And finally take time out to visualise yourself doing all the things you think you can’t do or have wanted to do but didn’t even attempt because you lacked belief in yourself. Visualisation is another powerful tool and because of the mind/body connection the more you visualise and hear the strong, capable, confident you, the more you’ll find that you’ll quite naturally start to become just like them.

I will continue to choose one of my beautiful wooden Self Care Thoughts daily to help keep me on track in terms of self care and don’t forget every Sunday I share a Self Care Sunday Idea to help you stay on track in terms of your own self care.

For more Self Care Sunday inspiration and information about our Put U First Movement’s Self Care Sunday Zoom Call and 7 Day Self Care Challenge visit https://iamheidiallen.com/putufirst.

Have a wonderful day filled with positivity and happiness, much love Joanne 💚


Author Bio

Joanne Lee is a Complementary & Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, Tutor, Assessor and owner of The Full Spectrum Centre Limited. With over 19 years experience, she specialises in chronic illness, holistic health, well-being, relaxation, stress management and fertility.

Joanne’s approach is unique, she has an intuitive understanding of issues and really listens, to explore ways of addressing and resolving problems in a very relaxed and safe environment.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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