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Massage Therapy

Incorporates traditional Swedish Massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue, advanced massage techniques and passive stretching as required to release stress and muscle tension, improve the lymphatic and immune systems, bringing about a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.

Hot & Cold Salt Stone Massage

Incorporates hot and cold pink himalayan salt stones to release stress and muscle tension, improve the lymphatic and immune systems, bringing about a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being whilst soothing away tension in tight tense muscles.

cbd infused massage

CBD Infused Massage

Incorporates traditional Swedish Massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue and advanced massage techniques as required with CBD massage oil to release stress and muscle tension, improve the lymphatic and immune systems, bringing about a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle, nurturing, nourishing, soothing, relaxing massage aimed at addressing the issues that occur as the body undergoes many changes during pregnancy including fatigue, stress, anxiety, muscle ache, joint pains, tension and strain, whilst boosting energy levels, encouraging relaxation, improving mood and aiding sleep. 

It can be used safely during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters to support mums to be, promoting vitality and overall health and well-being.

pregnancy massage
lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A specialised form of therapeutic massage that uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes aimed at improving the flow of lymph fluid, releasing toxins, removing excess fluid, improving circulation, reducing inflammation, swelling, fluid retention or puffiness, cleansing, relieving pain and improving the immune system. 

It is beneficial to have post surgery and post infection to help aid flow of lymph and strengthen the immune system.

This treatment brings about a feeling of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being.


Aromatherapy Massage combines massage with the use of blended therapeutic essential oils and aims to release the stress and tension that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the body and improve the lymphatic and immune systems. This treatment brings about a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.


Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy, applied to the spine and feet combines aromatherapy, reflexology and massage therapy to produce a powerful healing and cleansing effect.

*All the pure essential oils used in this session are blended/diluted in base massage oil and not directly applied to skin undiluted.


Involves stimulating nerve connections in the feet or hands to balance and restore energy to the organs, which will relax and de-stress the body, mind and spirit.

Fertility Reflexology helps to create a healthier environment for a possible pregnancy to occur by encouraging the body to work more efficiently.

Maternity Reflexology can to help restore balance as the body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and especially within hospitals. The UK NHS, as part of its Complementary Alternative Medicine program uses Reiki and other CAM therapies as part of day care patient programs. It involves the transfer of an unseen life force energy that flows through every living thing from practitioner to client to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. This treatment brings about a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.

Ear Candling

Ear Candling involves placing an ear candle, a hollow tube made of unbleached cotton coated with natural ingredients such as beeswax and honey into each ear canal. As the candle gently burns down it is believed to create a ‘chimney’ like vacuum effect which massages the inner ear, helping to soothe and balance.

Ear Candling
Vibrational Therapy

Vibrational Therapy

Vibrational therapies help create general wellness, balance and promote inner harmony and are based on the concept that all matter, including the human body vibrates at a natural frequency and that through using resonant vibration, the natural balance of the body can be restored. Sound, aroma, light, flower essences, colour, sacred geometry and crystals all have vibrational frequencies that work to stimulate the body’s senses and energy system. 


Hypnotherapy is a gentle, effective way to explore and understand why you react to things in your life as you do. Lack of confidence, stress, panic attacks and phobias all have underlying reasons and analytical hypnotherapy will identify the issues that we carry with us from our own past experiences. Stop smoking and weight loss are also easily managed by hypnotherapy. Understanding the emotional influence on smoking and over eating will enable you to update previous messages and habits.

Hypnotherapy Sessions
Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is the body’s non-specific response to any demand made on it that can cause exhaustion and physical or psychological illness, heart attacks and accidents. Continual exposure lowers the body’s ability to cope with additional forms of stress. In this session we will use stress management, meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you manage your stress. Online session available too which also includes self reflexology and self massage techniques.

Online Self Care

These online sessions include a consultation and personalised therapy session designed to meet the individual needs of the client. We will be able to work with self reflexology, self massage, stretches, trigger point therapy, meditation and mindfulness via Zoom! Perfect for clients whilst restrictions are still in place and face to face sessions are prohibited, for clients who are unable to attend due to reduced hours when we are reopen because of Covid-19 secure criteria or those who are still shielding post lockdown.

Self Care Sessions
Angel Card Readings

Angel Oracle Readings

Angel Oracle Card Readings provide positive guidance on your life’s path and through the Angel Oracle Cards they will give you loving guidance, to help you through your life. The Angels send us gentle reminders of areas or things we may need to look at, or release such as love, relationships, moving home, career, family, health and well-being. They bring us insights and clarity on personal growth, success, abundance, joy and happiness. During National and local lockdowns readings will be carried out remotely via Zoom or email.

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What They Say


Wonderful pregnancy massage. Really helped with my PGP, I drifted off to sleep at one point. Joanne was lovely and very informative. Will be going back again.


The treatment was lovely as always. The team are brilliant, always have time to go through everything in detail and so relaxing!


Wonderful session This was my first visit to Full Spectrum and I felt right at home straight away. Joanne explained the treatment thoroughly, made me feel comfortable and then gave a brilliant reflexology massage that took me to a very deep place. I felt relaxed and reconnected for hours afterwards.

Lucy Pedder

Came for massage after liposuction, was welcomed warmly and felt really relaxed. Therapist was really knowledgeable and felt totally at ease, especially taking care of my immobility!


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